TSR is another board game publisher that has made a lot of valuable board games. TSR mostly made tabletop RPGs like the original Dungeons and Dragons. A lot of their games didn’t have large production runs and were never reprinted so if you want a copy of the game you need to purchase one of the original copies. Their main line of games were the bookshelf game series which featured board games the size of books that you could fit on your shelf. Some of 3M’s more popular games aren’t worth much but some of their games can be worth quite a bit. One of the first things you should ask yourself about a game is if the average person has heard of the game.

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Brenda Weaver, owner of Juneau, Alaska’s Hearthside Books & Toys, said the store sells board games in part because they fill a niche in Juneau. In fact, Hearthside’s inventory included board games when Weaver bought it from the original owners a little over four years ago. Prior to Hearthside’s foray into board games, she added, there were really no other places that sold them besides the local Fred Meyer superstore. Inside the storefront at 404 Ionia Ave SW, are rows of long tables for game Multiplayer Games play, a bar, and of course, plenty of board games.

Poor condition doesn’t mean the game is worthless but you will get a lot less for a game in bad shape than a game in great condition. Like with every other collectible, condition is very important for a board game’s value. Condition is not going to make a worthless game valuable but it is big in determining the value of a rare game. A rare game in good condition can sell for multiple times more than the same game that is in poor condition. Looking at the Card Games Best Sellers list there are a bunch more that we’ve reviewed as well. Of course we have no idea why Forbidden Island shows up on the card games list instead of board games, but it’s great to see it on a best sellers list regardless.

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Just having all of the pieces is not enough for some collectors though. If a person is paying a lot for a game they are looking for a game in good condition. Creases in cards or the board, broken pieces, and other imperfections in the components will affect the value of the game. The quality of the box in particular is really important since a lot of people like displaying their rare games so a good box is important.

  • The game is over 40 years old at this point though so if there are people that are interested in the game, there probably aren’t a lot of copies still available.
  • I looked it up online and see some versions of it but they seem to be a different model.
  • PermalinkI recently came across a board game called Petropolis.
  • Monopoly style games generally don’t have a lot of value.
  • The game also doesn’t seem to have high ratings and it doesn’t seem to be particularly well known.

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If you asked random people on the street if they know a particular game and half of them have heard of it, it is unlikely to be worth anything. Your copy of Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Sorry, etc are not going to be worth anything. Outside of rare special editions or editions made with expensive components, popular/well known games aren’t worth anything because they have been printed so many times in the past. With so many games made, anyone who wants the game can find a copy for cheap.